IRS (ICFAI Republic School) School was founded in 2007 under the Alpha/ICFAI Foundation and run with the financial support of ICFAI Founder Late Mr. Yasaswi. School was facing closure when the founder of ICFAI Mr. N J Yasaswi passed away. That was when a senior philanthropically minded 75 years old IIMA Alumnus Dr G K Jayaram pledged to ensuring that the future of children was not jeopardized. School management from ICFAI has been taken over by Kasturi Trust for an academic year (2012-2013) and the School is renamed Ekalavya School. And then the socially responsible and committed IIMA Alumni in Hyderabad stepped in to take over the management of the school in April, 2013. The IIMA Alumni are spurred by the vision that all children should have the same opportunities. Their goal is to impart holistic education to every child to make them life ready, to make them good citizens of India. The school was renamed as “Udbhav School ” by IIMAAA charitable trust. Therefore the Udbhav management is committed to providing the Udbhav children opportunities and education for their all round growth and development.
An Advisory Board comprising eminent alumni has been constituted to provide direction and oversight. H Sitaram has taken over as the Correspondent who has almost 40 years experience in corporate roles, entrepreneurship and education Mr Harish Kumar has taken over as Coordinator.
IIMA Alumni Association – Hyderabad Chapter is one of the most active alumni associations of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Started off with a modest group of five people in 1991, we have now grown to over 250 active members- from passing out batch of 1969 to 2014 - many of them are in positions of leadership. The Hyderabad chapter brings together, a wide diversity of successful and like-minded individuals - academicians, entrepreneurs, police top brass, civil servants, CEOs of MNCs and large Indian business houses, corporate professionals in IT and non-IT industry, development professionals, management consultants. Members of IIMAAAHC are committed to giving back to society and have contributed significantly to socially relevant causes in the past. Our Plastic Surgery camps have opened new vistas for over 3600 poor children with deformities such as cleft lip, squint, and so on. Our free Jaipur Foot camps have benefitted over 1100 poor, physically challenged persons. We see our latest initiative, Udbhav School as a great opportunity to make a long term impact on society. The entire initiative is under the umbrella of the IIMA Alumni Association (Hyderabad Chapter) Charitable Trust
IIMAAAHC is committed to giving these children opportunities and education for their all round growth and development by:
  1. Continuously upgrading the quality of teachers by training and counseling
  2. Providing holistic education for all round development for students with a focus on making each child a good citizen
  3. Supplementing the teaching effort and coaching the children to earn scholarships for higher education
  4. Providing vocational guidance, career counseling and mentoring so that children can achieve their full potential
  5. Introducing innovative teaching methods and self awareness programs to bring out the best in each child
  6. Help in ensuring the health of Udbhav families
  7. Offering parental counseling to enhance the quality of life of the entire family
Our school caters to about 641 poor children – the average family income our students (at the point of entry into our school is Rs 3521 pm. We charge only a nominal fee of Rs.100 to 150 per month (fee varies from lower to higher classes) Books and uniform are provided to the children at concessional/ subsidized rates. We have about 28 teachers at an average of 23 students per teacher. This high student ratio reflects our commitment to provide quality education.
  1. A predominant 56% of our children are girls.
  2. Most of our children belong to the backward classes.
There is a high demand for admissions into our school. In fact when the admission forms are distributed parents queue up inside the school from 4 am!!

Several innovative teaching methods have been introduced to enable each child to achieve full potential like TLA Method wherein children learn by noticing regularities in patterns, doing projects, reflecting and researching the topic and learning from each other. This methodology has been a great success in improving general learning, communication and presentation skills, awareness, self-confidence, group interaction ability and team building ability of our students.

Infact in a recent public performance, our class IV children, who had been exposed to a TLA method, were able to present themselves better and speak their lines without referring to the written script, much more confidently than even class VIII students.

In this method the teacher becomes a facilitator and the child becomes the centre of continuous education. We have also conducted a baseline study assessment of our students. Based on these results, several new path breaking initiatives are planned.

With these efforts and other future initiatives, the contributions of the IIMA Alumni spouses and the untiring efforts of our teachers, we are confident that we will make a real transformation in the quality of education and make the Udbhav children Model Citizens of tomorrow.

This is our promise!

We are certain that the smiles on the faces of the Udbhav children will only become brighter, thanks to the IIMA Alumni of Hyderabad and the entire Udbhav family.

Thank you
Head Mistress